How Can Market Research Help Your Brand

Deciding on marketing and branding initiatives for your company shouldn’t feel like taking a stab in the dark. To reap the best results from your brand, you need access to actionable data that will show you internal and external perceptions of your brand, gaps, and areas for improvement in customer expectations and communication, as well as key insights to guide strategic company growth.

Brand Insights™ is Element212’s qualitative and quantitative research process that uses a combination of interviewing and surveying of a company’s team members, current customers, and lost leads to provide a report with strategic branding and marketing information. Companies who go through the Brand Insights™ process can come away with a clearer understanding of how to achieve growth, reach their ideal client, and finally see tangible results.

In this article, we will demonstrate how market research can help you…
Make informed business decisions
Change your brand image
Adjust your marketing strategies
Reach your ideal client
See tangible results


Make Informed Business Decisions

Maybe your company hit the ground running. You were seeing profit and reaching your target audience, but you’ve hit a lull or even come to a standstill. Or maybe your profits are good, and you’d simply like to venture into a new market. To take the next step, you can’t rely on assumptions of what your customers and team want from you. Getting real, current data from your customers and the principal stakeholders impacted by your company will help you make decisions based on facts.


Change Your Brand Image

A successful company is marked by growth and adaptation. You may be ready to reposition your brand to better align with your new vision. To do this efficiently and effectively, you need to know your starting point and identify actionable insights that will guide you in the right direction.


Adjust Your Marketing Strategies

Maybe you’re not sure where to start with marketing or maybe you’re tired of trying new strategies only to gain little to no traction. Market research can help you decide where to invest your valuable time, efforts, and money. It provides you with a view of gaps, trends, and opportunities that will help you streamline your strategy.


Reach Your Ideal Client

Bridge the gap between your company’s current practices and your ideal customer’s expectations to better align and connect with them. Insightful data can help you refine current and create new, meaningful touchpoints that resonate with your ideal audience, allowing you to attract, engage, and retain them.


See Tangible Results

Two of Element212’s clients are prime examples of how market research really does make a difference. Table XI and Eagle Creek Nursery & Landscape both went through the Brand Insights™ process twice and were able to measure their growth and see the impact of targeted data.

Table XI is a custom software development company based in Chicago, Illinois that aims to transform companies through technology. In 2018, they went through the Brand Insights™ process with the goal of changing their brand image from a developer and executor to a full-service solutions provider. They wanted to uncover client perception gaps, competitive differentiators, reasons for lost leads, client expectations, and S.W.O.T. Table XI took their market research and independently implemented a new operations strategy to improve internal processes, including hiring a new business development manager and expanding their design department. In 2021, they returned for another Brand Insights™ cycle to see if the changes they implemented had moved them closer to their goal. They found they had indeed succeeded in repositioning their brand and improving their client relationships and perceptions of service.

Eagle Creek Nursery & Landscape provides outdoor home landscaping services in the Marion County area. In 2017, they were ready to reposition their brand to pursue clients who were more ideal for their evolved service offerings. Their goal was to transition from being known as simply a nursery to more of a full-service landscape and design company. Going through the Brand Insights™ process provided them with actionable information that could be used to develop the evolved Eagle Creek Nursery & Landscape positioning. Element212 used this data to redesign their website and implement digital advertising, SEO strategies, and content marketing to change their brand perception and help them reach new leads. In 2020, they went through another round of market research to see if they achieved their goal. Their report showed that they had successfully repositioned themselves as specialists in landscape design and management. Their adjusted identity, messaging, and marketing strategy increased awareness and helped them expand into a new market.

Market research may be the answer you’ve been looking for with your marketing needs. To take the next step and implement your targeted strategies, partner with a branding and marketing company that can help you turn data into results.