Community Partners


Since our founding in 2008, Element212 has been dedicated to philanthropic endeavors by contributing our time and talents to volunteer projects and providing pro bono branding and marketing services to local non-profit organizations committed to enhancing and fortifying our community and the well-being of its residents.

In May of 2023, Element212 forged a meaningful partnership with The Community Center @ AFC, embarking on a collective mission to uplift and empower our Anderson, Indiana community.


The Community Center @ AFC serves as an active catalyst for positive change within the Anderson, Indiana community. Their commendable efforts encompass instilling hope, fostering inclusivity, and nurturing the growth of a stronger Anderson. With an unwavering commitment to alleviating suffering and disrupting the cycles of poverty and marginalization, they place great emphasis on cultivating meaningful relationships among community members.

Their comprehensive range of community services spans across diverse demographics and encompasses various domains. From facilitating social gatherings and offering recovery classes to promoting education, providing donations, operating a food pantry, facilitating senior programs, and extending home living support, their outreach encompasses a wide array of vital areas. 

For a detailed overview of their extensive community support initiatives, we invite you to explore their offerings here.

At Element, we are honored to be associated with The Community Center @ AFC’s endeavors. Together, we strive to make a lasting positive impact, fostering a sense of unity, and contributing to the betterment of our cherished community.