We Are Element212

We Are Element212

Our Mission

Deliver marketing solutions and results that exceed client expectations by having a commitment to professional development, efficiency, and teamwork, by giving 100% effort in all that we do, and by executing innovative, creative, and research-based strategies that keep our company and clients ahead of an ever-changing industry and market.

Our Vision

Be invaluable and indispensable to the market and our clients.

Our Core Values

Do everything with purpose, professionalism, and transparency, because we care about the integrity and long-term success of our clients, our individual team members, and our company.

This is Our

Brand Story

Brand Story

When we began the process of naming our company and setting a promise for our brand, we reflected on the “why” behind our founding. At the core of everything we do, we want our client care and our branding work to be of the utmost quality. To deliver on that promise, we have to truly be passionate about making the brands we serve stand out as remarkable.

The concept behind our name reflects our promise. At 211 degrees, water is hot but bears very little noticeable difference to water just one degree lower. At 212 degrees, that same water begins to boil, catching the attention of everyone and bearing not only a temperature difference but also a physical difference. This concept stood out to us as a significant metaphorical representation of who we are and what we do each and every day in brand development.

Element212 — a higher degree of branding. We are the element that provides the extra degree needed to elevate a brand to a remarkable level.

Meet Our Team

Todd Rimer


Tammy Coleman

Founder & President

Kyle Burke

Research Strategist

Erika Hersberger

Visual Communications Designer

Jordan Hobbs


Holly Lambert

Project Strategist

Ella Martin

Website Developer

Mariah Robinson

Visual Communications Designer

Jane Senisse

Content Strategist

Cheyenne Toombs

Brand Strategist