At Element212, we understand that your brand identity is often the initial point of contact between your brand and consumers. Our identity design process is a creative journey tailored to encapsulate your unique brand story.

Logo Design

Our approach begins with comprehensive research into your company, encompassing a deep dive into your culture, tonal preferences, deliverables, distinctive qualities, and the competitive landscape you navigate.

Our design journey covers a series of carefully crafted stages. It begins with conceptual sketches that include a range of visual elements. With the digital concepts, we explore font selections and color palettes that harmonize with your brand identity. Throughout this creative process, we contextualize our designs to ensure they resonate with your brand’s narrative.

The ultimate goal of our design process is to deliver a logo concept that encapsulates your brand’s positioning accurately and passionately. We aim to craft a logo that not only aligns with your brand identity but is also something you will truly cherish. Your brand’s visual representation is a pivotal element of your overall identity, and at Element212, we approach logo design with precision, creativity, and a commitment to bringing your brand’s story to life.

Brand Style Guide

brand color palettes
laptop with color palettes next to it

At Element212, we recognize the critical role of a Brand Style Guide in shaping a company’s identity and fostering brand consistency, paving the way for sustained growth and long-lasting brand resonance.

Our approach to creating Brand Style Guides is comprehensive, covering every facet of your brand identity. We delve into the foundation of your brand, encapsulating elements such as your brand promise, the story behind your inception, your overarching mission and vision, unique differentiators, persona, brand tone, and personality, as well as the core traits that define your brand’s character. Additionally, we establish clear guidelines for imagery, ensuring that the visual components of your brand align seamlessly with your identity.

Element212 goes beyond mere documentation. We define your brand’s positioning, crafting a strategic framework that underpins every branding decision you make. This well-documented brand guideline becomes the beacon of consistency and alignment across all touchpoints of your brand. Whether it’s in the meticulous designs or the crafting of your messaging, the execution of marketing campaigns, or the engagements with your customers, our brand guidelines serve as a compass, guiding your brand’s journey toward continued success.