Client Summary

Table XI is a custom software development company that strategizes and creates custom software with the goal of transforming companies through technology. Based out of Chicago, Illinois, Table XI has been serving their clients for over 19 years.

Their Challenge

Table XI was in the process of re-branding and repositioning their services to offer full-service solutions, from research to go-to-market products for their clients. They needed to better understand their customers’ and team members’ perception of their brand position to approach their company’s re-branding and repositioning effectively.

Their goals were to uncover client perception gaps, competitive differentiators, reasons for lost leads, client expectations, perceived client benefits, and S.W.O.T.

Our Strategy


In 2018, we conducted the Brand Insights™ research to gain a 360-degree view of Table XI’s brand. The objective of the project was to gain insights from key Table XI team members, current and past clients, and lost leads to uncover perceptions into Table XI’s S.W.O.T., expectations, differentiators, deliverables, and benefits. Our goal was to gather actionable data and deliver a strategic approach to help them reach and resonate with their ideal clients.

In 2021, we conducted the Brand Insights™ a second time to provide Table XI with actionable insights to help their team in the re-branding and repositioning process of their company. The second Brand Insights™ allowed us to measure growth from strategies implemented from the first Brand Insights™ report and recommendations and to uncover how clients perceive the Table XI brand today compared to 2018.


  • Qualitative Research – Element212 conducted one-on-one qualitative interviews with Table XI team members to learn more about the Table XI brand. Next, we interviewed their clients and lost leads to understand their perspectives, gaps, trends, and opportunities for the Table XI brand positioning.
  • Quantitative Research – Element212 then developed online surveys to substantiate our data with the remaining Table XI staff and client list. The quantitative data helped uncover clear trends in the insights to create actionable recommendations for Table XI.
  • Reporting – Element212 created a Brand Insights™ report that highlighted the following:
  • An overview of Table XI’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats
  • Gaps between the brand position, deliverables, and expectations of Table XI and their clients.
  • Brand differentiators
  • Client buyer’s journey
  • Process and communication gaps that resulted in lost leads and revenue

Then, we developed branding and marketing recommendations explicitly designed around our Brand Insights™ data.

The Result

Based on recommendations from the 2018 Brand Insights™, Table XI has implemented a new operations strategy, resulting in improved internal processes and operations. They have also implemented some contract updates, improving their service to their leads and current clients.

Table XI hired a business development manager to work with clients who have additional projects. Additionally, they expanded their design department to strengthen their deliverables and differentiators, better positioning their services in the marketplace.

Our 2021 Brand Insights™ helped discover that the changes Table XI made based on the 2018 recommendations improved their client relationships and service. Hiring a business development manager directly impacted their revenue growth and reduced the number of lost business opportunities with current clients.

The Brand Insights™ also developed the client buyer’s journey for Table XI. It will help them build a content marketing strategy that leads their clients from awareness to consideration to ultimately making a buying decision with the company. Table XI understands their leads’ vetting process and can address fears and concerns early to build trust and showcase their expertise in a way that will resonate with their target audience.

The Brand Insights™ provided Table XI with the necessary information and targeted marketing recommendations to position their company for growth and to attract, engage, and retain their ideal client.