Client Summary

DeveloperTown is a software consultancy for IT and business leaders needing strategy, technology, design, and data science to solve complex business challenges. Based out of Indianapolis, Indiana, DeveloperTown has served its clients for over ten years.

Their Challenge

DeveloperTown battled misperceptions about its brand, services, and deliverables. Their brand positioning caused misconceptions of being a co-working space and a business incubator. They desired comprehensive qualitative and quantitative research to understand what was causing the confusion and to support developing a branding strategy to aid in repositioning their brand before expanding into new markets.

Our Strategy

The objective of our research was to gain qualitative and quantitative insights from the DeveloperTown stakeholders, including executives, team members, current and past clients, as well as lost leads.

Element212 conducted one-on-one qualitative interviews with DeveloperTown executives and team members to identify trends among positioning assets from internal perceptions.

Next, we interviewed their clients and lost leads to uncover their perspectives of the DeveloperTown brand to learn about their motivations, buyer’s journey, and vetting process to identify gaps in messaging and opportunities for the DeveloperTown brand positioning to align expectations and better connect with their audience in meaningful ways.
Element212 then substantiated our data by developing and distributing online surveys to the remaining DeveloperTown staff and client database. The quantitative data added statistical significance helping uncover clear trends in the insights to create actionable recommendations for DeveloperTown.

Element212 created a Brand Insights™ report that highlighted the following:

  • The DeveloperTown brand S.W.O.T. analysis
  • Gaps between the brand position, deliverables, and expectations of DeveloperTown and their audience
  • Brand differentiators
  • Client motivators
  • Client buyer’s journey
  • Audience vetting process
  • Ideal audience profile
  • Internal process and communication gaps that resulted in lost leads and revenue

The Result

DeveloperTown had gained a clear understanding of its audience needs and motivators and could clearly identify the gaps in processes and messaging causing lost revenue and misalignment with current clients.

Based on recommendations from the Brand Insights™, DeveloperTown developed a new website to improve messaging and navigation to connect and lead their audience in meaningful ways through their buyer’s journey.

The research identified high-value messaging that we developed into a content marketing strategy across various platforms, including website, video, social media, and public relations.

The research helped discover opportunities to refine their internal touchpoints, improve their client onboarding process, and streamline their workflow with clients to provide a quality experience throughout the project.

The Brand Insights™ provided DeveloperTown with a clear picture of their company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Our research also uncovered expectations, differentiators, deliverables, and perceived benefits to aid in strengthening their brand and positioning their company for future growth.

“One of the most beneficial takeaways we gained from Element212’s Brand Insights™ process was uncovering why a client did or did not make a purchase with us, along with other valuable data we were unable to capture ourselves.”

– Mike Kelly, Managing Partner, DeveloperTown