Internal Communication Check-Up

Now that we’ve discussed the importance of having a clear, consistent, and meaningful brand voice, let’s talk about how that impacts your internal communication. Integrity is vital for any business that wishes to maintain positive relationships with customers, employees, and enjoy long-term success. One aspect of integrity is doing what you say you will do and maintaining those standards all the time. Employees are often the largest advocates or adversaries of your brand.  Make sure they experience the same brand voice as your customers and the public.

Here are a few things you can check:

  • Do your internal policies match your company values?
    For example, if you claim to value family, then your policies should promote things like dependent benefits, family events, opportunity for life balance, or other family-focused resources.  There are limitations, of course, but find some way to reinforce this value through action.
  • Does your internal communication contradict your external promises?
    Obviously, promising to address all customer concerns immediately, but telling employees that current customer concerns are a last-priority is contradictory.  Nevertheless, this is a common mistake.  If you can’t deliver, then don’t promise it.
  • Open up the last few company-wide emails that have been sent.  What was the tone like?  Was it as respectful and professional as your external communication?  Remind management that they set the example (good or bad) for the kind of communication employees should use with others. Putting a little extra time into writing internal emails or letters is well worth the effort.

Integrity is not always easy to maintain, but people naturally crave it. They want it for themselves and they expect it from others.  Enable every member of your team to speak confidently about your company by using a consistent brand voice in external and internal communication.