The Collaborative Characteristics Of Today’s Economy

It doesn’t take much observation to see that the economy today is vastly different than it was years ago.  There are a couple characteristics in particular that can make collaboration a natural choice.

Products and services are more accessible than ever due to the progress of communication and transportation. Fast, long-distance transportation means that consumers are no longer limited to local options and the internet has enabled people do more of their own research before ever contacting a brand representative.  While the all-in-one convenience of things like supermarkets is still a great benefit, picking a la carte products and services from different companies is easier than ever and consumers are enjoying the choice.

Reduced Entrance Barriers
In many industries, it is getting cheaper and easier for a start-up to enter the market.  This means that there can be a lot of people doing the same thing.  Set yourself apart by doing what you are best at and avoid competing with companies that specialize in the other stuff. Instead of competing with them, consider partnership, referral, and vendor relationships that can benefit both companies.

Characteristics like these plus research and education advancement have helped to create an ultra-specialized economy. Many organizations that used to be an all-in-one are choosing to utilize the expertise of others by hiring differently, outsourcing, and collaborating.  Let collaboration enable you to deliver only excellent and unique services to your customers.  Don’t be an island!

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