How to write effective, engaging social media posts

Your email is full, your to-do list is overwhelming, and your feet haven’t hit the floor. Once you get to work, you begin to tackle your to-dos by level of immediate importance. Usually, writing or posting social content gets pushed to the back burner. Next thing you know, you haven’t posted in a month. In a panic, you sit down to write a post.

You are staring at your computer, looking at the engagement levels, and wondering if this is worth it. There is so much nervous energy placed on your social platforms. You may wonder if you stopped posting, would anyone notice? Would it hurt your business?

Developing successful social media platforms can be overwhelming. You try to stay within the platform’s guidelines to continue increasing your reach, you try to write content relevant for your audience, and all the while you are softly hinting to your products and services. After all, if it’s not producing a sale or a lead, is it time and energy well spent?

Talking with different companies I have heard questions like, “At what point does the platform become beneficial? How much time do we put into organic posting when it doesn’t seem to go as far as advertising? How much longer will this be relevant before the platforms change again…” If you have found yourself asking any of these questions you are not alone.

What is Organic Social Media’s Place in a Business?
The reason many people are frustrated with writing organic social content is because they are desperately trying to grow their audience and groom them into a customer. Your organic social posts are not meant for conversion, but brand extension. This is the best place to showcase your brand, your team culture, and engage with customers on a more personal level.

Think about the posts you prefer to see when you are scrolling through your feed. After you are exhausted by the days mental battles and challenges, you just want to relax and possibly even be entertained. As you scroll, you see pictures of family, friends, and funny videos. You are finally winding down. It is at these times you are most likely to engage with posts that have human interest. A blog story, a make a difference post, a fun post about your friends work place. The last thing you want is to be bombarded by another product.

Use Organic Social Posting Wisely
When you focus on letting people see into your brand, team and business culture, you will see much more reach across social platforms. Your engagement will increase. Extend yourself, extend your brand with honest, transparent posts about who you really are as a company, a team, and as individuals, and you will have created a unique opportunity to connect with your current customers.

We complain that in a world where everything is going digital we are losing our personal factor, our human touch. But even in the world of online marketing, we have the choice to remain personal. That is the importance and value of social platforms in business. By looking at your Facebook, Instagram, etc. people will get a good look into your personal brand and learn how you choose to interact with your customers, team members, and community. It is the place most people go before they ever walk in to your business to learn about you without being “sold.”

When you begin to look at social media as an extension of your branding efforts it becomes easier to create content that matters to your audience. Your social platforms are not meant to be a marketing place, which is why advertising is an entirely different entity with these platforms.

How Do I Create Posts That Matter?
Relax! Capture the fun moments in your business. Publish articles that are relevant to your customer base. Find fun and unique stories or situations to share with your audience. Social media does not have to be a taxing assignment. It can be a fun, creative outlet for you to enjoy.

Be authentic, and be true to your brand.