Engaging with your Customer

You’ve just opened up a coffee shop … clothing store … insurance company … non-profit … insert your business here…

You’re on fire.

You have so many ideas and so many exciting plans.

Or maybe you’ve been open for twenty years, and you have fantastic, loyal customers. But you’ve reached a plateau and need a fresh approach to engaging with them.

To be a thriving, sustainable company, you need to bring people in the door, you need to engage with them and you need to keep them coming back.

So where do you start? Building a well-designed website and being active on social media are not enough to reach and connect with your audience. The foundation for true engagement between a brand and a customer can only be accomplished through investment in up-front and ongoing research.

Companies who thrive with their customers take the time to uncover the core of their customer’s perceptions of their business on at least an annual basis.

Through customer research you can gain valuable information to help you to better engage with your customers. Some information you gain can include:

  1. What customers like and don’t like about your company and brand.
  2. What customers know and don’t know about your company and brand.
  3. Language that customers use when describing your company, brand, service and products.
  4. How and where customers find your company and brand, as well as how and where they talk about it with others.
  5. Holes and gaps between what you believe customers think and feel about your brand and what your customers actually think and feel.

Whether you’re a new business or have been in business for many years, setting up a process to gain feedback from your customers is an important step in creating engaging marketing content and strategies.

But you need to know your people. You need to build the relationships with your customers.

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