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Business owners and CEOs have unique challenges during times of transition. Whether you are going through a business acquisitionrepositioning your brand, or expanding locations or services, gaining brand insights about your company is vital to your success

Our Brand Insights™ is specifically designed to support business owners and CEOs with data to direct and support decisions during significant business changes.

Our research focuses specifically on four key areas:

Gain Actionable Insights for Business Success


The Brand InsightsTM Process

Our Brand Insights™ research considers the three key perspectives needed to align a brand and ensure success. Those three perspectives are: Ownership, Employees, and Customers.

Through qualitative and quantitative research, the Brand Insights™ provides leadership brand clarity with the quantifiable and actionable recommendations needed to drive and shape informed business decisions confidently. The Brand Insights™ will empower your company to make decisions that strengthen your brand and support a consistent customer experience.

If you are a business owner or CEO, we invite you to a discovery session to explore how the Brand Insights™ research can support growing your remarkable brand.


Who Benefits from the Brand Insights™?

Typically, research projects only benefit a select group of people or departments within an organization. The Brand Insights™ is developed to benefit your entire company.


Owners and C-suite

Owners and C-suite: A stronger overall brand aligned with the company goals, team culture, internal processes, customer expectations, and direction of growth.


Team members

Team members: The opportunity to feel heard and seen within the organization. Higher levels of career satisfaction, team member “buy-in”, and brand advocacy occur when employees understand their connection to the big-picture vision a company has and the goals they’re working towards.



An experience with your brand that regularly meets or exceeds their expectations. When customers receive a consistent brand experience at every stage of their journey, a trusting bond is formed, resulting in increased loyal and brand advocates.

Seth Parker, President of Nardco Heating & Air on his experience with the Brand Insights™


Business Areas Impacted by Research

Research is unique to each business, and the insights gained will vary from company to company. Below are the different business areas where research uncovered gaps and opportunities for our research clients.


Brand positioning 100%

Operations 92%

Marketing 85%

Culture 62%

Human Resources 54%

Communications 46%


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