Get More From Your Digital Relationships

Do you want more from your digital connections?

Do you long to see those media connections, smiling at you face-to-face?

Digital connections seem so easy. Why? Because we can text and “friend” and tweet, and connect with anyone in minutes.

We hop on Facebook to make connections with high school sweethearts that we haven’t seen in fifteen years and tweet pictures of the steamed clams we ordered at that trendy restaurant down the street.

Because digital communications is so easy for personal use, people assume the same is true for business use. The big difference is you know your audience in your personal digital circles. They most likely already know, like, and trust you. But the same is not always true for the your audience in your business digital circles.

Because digital connections within your business tend to be very diverse, communication can be easy to screw up. Easier to screw up than that last match on Eharmony.

Like with those dating sites, digital advertising is a game. When the match is right or when you know your audience well, your communication and engagement works like a dream. On the other hand, when the match is not right, everything can fall apart quickly.

Digital advertising works well when done right. According to Caleb McDaniel with Element212, “Digital marketing helps businesses not only communicate with consumers, but helps communicate with the right consumers. You can make sure that you are targeting the right audience and that your message resonates with them to get the best impact.”

When digital marketing isn’t working well, you might recognize these signs:

  • People are “breaking up” with your social pages.
  • Your videos on You Tube are getting “dumped.”
  • Your “call to action” plan is seeing “no action.”

Digital marketing can become a long-lasting, stable relationship, avoiding the instability and insecurity you get from a fling:

  • Consistent commitment to blogs and enews, builds stability and dependability with your customers.
  • Engaging videos and posts that tugs at their hearts or makes them laugh builds lasting relationships with your customers.
  • Resourceful information provided to the right audience, based on understanding their interests builds a commitment to your company, leaving them wanting more.

Do you want to take your relationship with your digital market to the next phase?

Experience how a deeper digital connection will work with your customers.