Fairchild Renovations

Client Summary

Formerly known as Fairchild Property Services, Fairchild Renovations is a certified general contractor established in 2010. The Fairchild team offers top quality remodeling, repairing, and renovation services for homes, and their work is based on commitment to service, professionalism, and integrity.

Their Challenge

Fairchild Property Services changed their desired audience and was seeking help to reposition their brand to resonate with their ideal customers. One of their biggest challenges was with helping their potential customers understand the value of their quality work in relation to their price points. Additionally, the customers often viewed them as a handyman, while the goal was to be known as a general contractor that handles full-scale renovation projects.

Our Strategy

To address their challenges, we implemented significant rebranding, including a business name change, new tagline, logo redesign, new corporate color pallet, website redesign, and content redevelopment.

During the research stage, we collected customer insights. We used our Brand Insights™ process to uncover how their clients view Fairchild’s brand, benefits, quality, and differentiators. This process guided us in developing a new tagline, website, and content that resonate better with the audience they are trying to reach.
Rebranding began with creating a new name. By changing the name from Fairchild Property Services to Fairchild Renovations, we repositioned their target audience and the way the company exhibits their identity, value, and services.

Along with the new website design, we redeveloped their content strategy. In the past, the company was known to its clientele mostly as a handyman service. We adjusted the messaging to show that renovation and remodeling are their primary service offering. By creating a photo gallery of renovations, we showcased their top-quality work as well.

Initially, the company’s logo was loaded, making it difficult to understand and scale. With the owner Marc Fairchild’s unique brand and selling proposition in mind, we designed a simplified yet versatile logo with a personal feel.

The Result

The website is now up-to-date with both design and functionality. The visitors are able to navigate the site more easily, and the upscale look and feel represent Fairchild’s value and clientele much better. The call-to-action that’s more intuitive better aids client conversion. The newly designed logo with the new name now represents the Fairchild brand and service much more accurately and professionally.


Brand Image

We guided Fairchild Renovations through a name change and new branding for their company. With a new name, logo, brand guidelines, and a new website, they were prepared to reposition themselves as the elite provider in their market.


Website Strategy

In the first stage of the website redesign process, we worked with Fairchild Renovations to learn about their needs. Through our Brand InsightsTM and an in-depth client interview, we gleaned insights that helped the proper website strategy for the client.

fairchild laptop

Website Design & Development

Once the preliminary planning was finished, we moved into website design and development. To give Fairchild Renovations a professional, modern feel, we used their project images along with some stock imagery to represent the renovation work they do.


Logo Redesign

Fairchild Renovations’ logo gave them a more professional, elegant feel, allowing them to reposition themselves in the marketplace. This logo was used on new business cards, hats, signs, and more to carry the new branding throughout all of their customer touchpoints.