Website Replaces Print Catalog to Support International Sales


Business Profile for Dovey Corporation

B2B, Family-Owned Business, International Customer-Base

The Dovey Corporation has been an integral part of the Industrial and Commercial Machinery Industry for over 60 years as a global provider of parts, tools, and equipment for corrugated cardboard machines and other related machinery.

An Outdated Sales Tool

Dovey sales representatives relied solely on a printed catalog for product reference and order placement. Because Dovey provides a wide range of products, the catalog was lengthy, expensive to mail, and impractical to keep updated. While this had been an effective sales tool for the past 60 years, owner, Craig Smythe, knew it was time for a better solution to deliver product information to their customer base. Smythe approached E212 seeking a digital alternative.

Creating a User-Friendly Digital Catalog

The website needed to educate new and current Dovey customers on their product catalog and make it easier for international customers, in particular, to shop and place orders. The collaboration between Element212 and the Dovey team was integral in crafting a customized website aligned with their objectives and large product inventory. Here are the results:

website image

Professional Appearance

Reinforces trust in the purchase and boosts brand loyalty.

Easy to Navigate Menu

Improving the experience and creating a more positive touchpoint with current customers.

Easy to Maintain

Reducing the time and effort required to keep the catalog up to date.

Onsite SEO

each product page provides onsite search engine optimization that a printed catalog could never offer.

Prominent CTAs

Calls to action and ordering instructions are prominent on each page.

Setting Customer Expectations with Strong Branding

In addition to being a practical sales tool, the website tells the story of the Dovey brand. The brief copy and fitting color scheme reinforce the brand without disrupting the main purpose of the website as a digital catalog.

Strong branding is not the norm in highly-niched B2B markets, where companies focus on practicality and keeping non-essential expenses low, so having a user-friendly, attractive online presence sets Dovey apart from the competition. The website helps tell the story of the brand’s longevity in the industry and reinforces its commitment to customers.

Competing in the Digital Marketplace

This new website has given Dovey a platform on which to engage its audience with more meaningful and intuitive touch points and made it an industry leader in terms of its online presence in the digital marketplace. Following the launch of the new website, Dovey received positive feedback from their sales team and customers.

Most importantly, The Dovey Corporation is more scalable and prepared to continue on its growth trajectory.

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