Client Summary

Founded in 1993, Cowpokes is a family-owned and -operated work and western outfitters store. They have a complete line of men’s, women’s, and children’s work and western wear, as well as a tack department and an embroidery/screen printing department. 

Their Challenge

Cowpokes was in the process of updating its website to e-commerce and wanted to improve their digital marketing efforts to increase online sales. Since Cowpokes shares a name with a popular comic strip, more than 30% of SEO traffic was coming from terms associated with the comic strip instead of customers searching for their products. Cowpokes wanted to optimize their online presence, and they also had a goal of updating their image to appeal to a younger audience in addition to the “classic” work and western customers.

Our Strategy

In order to tackle the challenges faced by Cowpokes, our goal was to revamp their digital presence to increase online sales, focusing on SEO, digital advertising, and branding.

To meet their ecommerce sales goal, we developed targeted strategies and optimized their audience for a greater impact.

Our goal was to make Cowpokes’ SEO traffic more relevant while also reaching a wider audience. To accomplish this, we focused on optimizing Cowpokes’ keywords for specific products and brands that they sell.

To help Cowpokes resonate with a larger audience, we redesigned their logo with a traditional western design with a modern twist. The new scalable logo made it easier to keep a consistent look for their marketing.

The Result

By optimizing the Cowpokes website, we were able to help them connect with new customers and “ready to buy” audiences. With the SEO traffic now more relevant, their total search traffic doubled in volume since 2018.

In one year, their AdWords impressions increased by over 600% and their cost per click decreased by $0.70. On the social media side, Cowpokes’ Facebook impressions increased by nearly 40%, which led to their number of clicks tripling. Currently, 2020 ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) numbers are outpacing the 2019 metrics by 100% on AdWords and by 97% on Facebook.

Additionally, the new logo allowed for Cowpokes to appeal to their target audience and keep a consistent look for their brand. The redesign also made the logo scalable to various mediums including online, billboards, embroidered products, screen printing, and more.