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“Center” of Hope

The Christian Center is truly a center of hope for our community. Like us, you may know several of the services The Christian Center provides but after spending some time there, we can guarantee there are more services you are unaware of that stand as current offerings or are in the works.

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Win BIG with Digital Advertising!

How confident are you in your current advertising strategy? Do you really know if the money you are investing in advertising is reaching the right audience and generating your business a return? Digital advertising is growing businesses by providing a clear and accurate picture of who it is reaching, how they are engaging, and the exact investment you are making for each lead. Through tools like Facebook, AdWords, LinkedIn, Display and YouTube companies are optimizing their advertising strategies. Find out more about how this could be a solution to your company’s promotional needs!

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How to Nurture the Lifeblood of your Business

Today, there are more opportunities to create leads then ever before. The tricky part is converting those leads to loyal customers. Building trust, staying relevant, and developing real relationships with your customers takes strategy, endurance, and a lot of patience. Check out these six digital marketing approaches that can support your efforts in engaging with your audience to move them from lead to loyalty.

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Is Your Website Converting Your Visitors into Customers?

How do you view the purpose of your website? Do you see it as more than a pretty representation of your business online or an educational tool? And what about your traffic? Do you see each visitor as a potential lead or just as another number to contribute to your analytics? Many companies don’t take enough time to consider how their website is increasing their bottom line. If this is you, it might be time to take a step back and re-evaluate your website strategy.

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