Landing Pages: Where Your Website and Digital Marketing Intersect

With the exception of a couple of ad types, all digital ads need a “home base” – a place to direct the audience to learn more and convert. At first, it might seem logical to send your audience to your website’s homepage or a specific product page, but neither of these options is specifically designed to move users along in your sales funnel.

So how can you move your audience forward in their buyer’s journey when they interact with a digital ad?

Landing pages.

What is a landing page?

Landing pages are hosted on your website and built around specific offerings and ad campaigns for the purpose of conversion. Whether your conversion goal is to gain email addresses at the top of the sales funnel or to sell a product at the bottom of the sales funnel, landing pages are where it happens.

How do landing pages increase conversion?

  • They Address the User’s Pain Points
    Landing page content should always address your audience’s pain point. For example, if you’re selling a day planner, the pain point might be that your audience is missing appointments. Thus, a good headline for the landing page might be, “Never Miss Another Appointment.” Then, you would write a supporting sentence or two about how the planner will help the user take back their time.
  • They Direct the User to Action
    Once you’ve addressed the pain point, your audience needs to be directed to the next step: conversion. Depending on where the ad and landing page fall in your sales funnel, the conversion goal might be to fill out a form or to make a purchase.
  • They Validate Your Product or Service
    Inevitably, some members of your audience will be more skeptical than others. That’s why it is important to include validation on the landing page such as endorsements from well-known brands or testimonials from current customers.

Landing pages are the must-have tool for conversion in digital advertising campaigns. Without a landing page specific to your ad campaign, conversion rates will not be maximized. It is important to have a landing page specific to the offering that piqued the users’ interest in order to expound on the ad copy, speak directly to the audience’s pain point, and present a solution.

Are you using landing pages for conversion in your digital advertising strategy? If not, now is the time to start! Learn more about how digital advertising can work specifically for your business here.