Kyle Burke - Brand Strategist

Team Member Spotlight: Brand Strategist Kyle Burke

What is the most challenging aspect of Marketing in 2018?
The most challenging (and often most exciting) aspect of Marketing in 2018 is trying to stay ahead of the changes and advancements that take place in the industry on a seemingly daily basis. It seems that as soon as we grow comfortable with one tool or solution another, what appears to be better, tool comes along and we start the process all over again! This is also what makes it one of the most exciting parts of Marketing! We cannot afford to fall behind in any aspect of the industry so we never stay in one place too long, we’re always looking for the next and best solution around the corner!

Share a fun E212 moment you experienced lately: 
A few of us have participated in the Downtown Walk Around that has become a weekly event in the Downtown Anderson community and they have been a lot of fun! It’s nice to be out in the community meeting others from around the area and introducing them to the great team of people we have here at Element212.

Share a recent success you have had with a client project: 
One of the recent successes I have experienced with one of my clients is the work we are doing for Kevin Majeski. Kevin is a real estate agent in the Madison County area and needed some help creating videos that share his knowledge base with his potential customers. I LOVE the videos we have made for Kevin and believe they are a huge value to his brand! Kevin gave us clear direction on how he wanted to position these videos, as well as on the “feel” that he wanted them to have. Our designer and video editor Erika then performed her magic, and the results are awesome! Kevin is also extremely happy with the videos which is what makes what we do all worth it.