Is Your Website Converting Your Visitors into Customers?

How do you view the purpose of your website? Do you see it as more than a pretty representation of your business online or an educational tool? And what about your traffic? Do you see each visitor as a potential lead or just as another number to contribute to your analytics? Many companies don’t take enough time to consider how their website is increasing their bottom line. If this is you, it might be time to take a step back and re-evaluate your website strategy.

You see, your website should be working for you. When strategized correctly, websites have the potential to turn ordinary visitors into leads and set the sales process in motion. The best part is that this process can be fully automated and only requires a one-time setup. Once the automation is set in motion, your website instantly becomes a 24/7 sales agent and lead nurturer for your business.

So how do you get started with this automated sales process? First, you need something of value to offer your website visitors so you can turn them into leads. Maybe it’s a coupon, a white paper, or a free downloadable resourceful Ebook. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it should be valuable enough that visitors consider it worth entering their email address to receive it. When someone enters their email address to receive your coupon or resource, they have gone from being a visitor to a nurtured lead.

The download your new lead just received is the first step in the automation process. Now that you have an email address, you can communicate with your new lead via an automated email campaign to educate them and ultimately sell your product or service to them. These emails are written once and set up so that they are automatically sent to your new lead over a period of time.

As your new leads receive the emails in this automated campaign, they will either become more interested in your product or service, or they will realize that it’s not for them. The automated email campaign automatically weeds out the leads who will not convert into customers while nurturing the leads who will become loyal customers to your business. With this process, none of your valuable time is lost on the leads who will not become customers, allowing you to devote your time to those customers who are loyal to your business and will return time after time for your product or service.

Is your website converting your visitors into customers in this way? If not, consider setting up an automated process that will lead your website visitors down the path of becoming loyal customers. Using your website to its full potential in this way is like adding a reliable, 24/7 sales agent to your team, which you can’t afford to be without.