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What is a “Good” Website and How Do You Make One?

According to research* conducted by Ahrefs, nearly 91 percent of web pages get zero organic search traffic from Google. Merely two percent of one billion pages, on which the study was conducted, has more than 100 visitors landing on their website each month via SEO.

Millions of “quality” web pages are being created by skilled web developers and designers every single day, yet a vast majority of those pages do not receive a single visitor. Why is that?

The study provides two reasons: the pages don’t have any backlinks, and the pages don’t target a topic with enough search traffic potential. Simply put, solving this “no search traffic” problem begins with smart content and SEO strategy.

Creating a good website is not about making it trendy and appealing to the eyes. It’s about building with practical and useful solutions that add to the bottom line of your business and your goals. What would be the point of having the most beautiful website in the world if nobody is ever going to see it?

Here are the essential components of a good website that pays for itself and more:

  • Branded design: A well-built website is exactly that – BUILT. Your site should be “one of a kind” – just like your business.
  • Effective Calls to Action: Take the time to understand your business and your customers to create effective calls to action with automation so your site can work for you.
  • Scalability: Your company will grow and change as your market place evolves. Your website should be robust and flexible to scale with your business growth and changing customers.
  • Search Engine Optimization: For your website to work for your business, you need traffic. Search-optimize your website to give you the right foundation for your SEM strategies.

A good website is like a highly-skilled team member who works 24/7 for your business. What benefits should it offer?

  • It sells to your customers any time of day.
  • It educates customers about your product and/or service.
  • It reaches new customers you wouldn’t have otherwise.
  • It guides your customers on their buyer’s journey.
  • It reaches customers regardless of the device they use.

That is how you create a traffic-driving website.