Tips For Getting Customer Feedback

Every company depends upon a vital part of their business: customers. The goal of any company is to create a product or service that uniquely meets the needs of its customers and market it with respect, integrity, and overall concern that the buyer gets what he or she wants. How does a business understand the desires of its customers, and how does that business receive honest feedback from its users?

1. Survey options on the website, as well as on any product pages, will give buyers a chance to comment on whether or not the product was satisfactory. Any comments in the feedback sections of the site will inform future customers if the product is worth the investment. Survey links can also be provided on product receipts or follow-up communications, so if the business makes a mistake, the customer knows right away that he or she can leave feedback.

2. Allow for online polls. Aside from surveys, polls are one way of giving the market a tool to give honest feedback. Some companies can offer a “What would you like to see more of?” poll to encourage voters to take part in the business’ improvement. Customers enjoy giving their opinion and a poll is a fast and easy way to do that.

3. Giving out prizes is another option to increase customer feedback. Offering a free product, service, or discount to each person who gives feedback within, say 24 hours, can provide the extra boost of motivation people need to participate.

4. Networking sites like Facebook and Twitter often have reviews from customers on their personal accounts, and sometimes on the business pages themselves. By checking these sites frequently, a business can catch its problems and respond quickly to any customer complaints, which is key to customer satisfaction.

5. By openly asking customers about their experience with the product or service, businesses can build strategy based on facts instead of assumptions. Companies that take the time to chat regularly with their customers experience much more long-term growth than companies that rely on limited or outdated information.

The value of customer surveying is simple: it allows the company to proactively eliminate problems, offers customers the chance to be (and feel) heard, and improves sales if the feedback is integrated into future strategy. Growth for any company depends solely in the relationship with customers.