My Journey as a Graphic Designer in a Family-Owned Branding Agency

Are you considering a career in graphic design and wondering about the benefits of working at a small family-owned business? Let me share a glimpse of my journey, which began at Element212 during my college internship and has evolved into a fulfilling career spanning over a decade.

Family Owned Business Leads to Diverse Skills

Interning at Element212 provided me with invaluable insights into the dynamics of a smaller firm within the marketing industry. It was here that I discovered the profound impact my design work could have on clients and the local community. Graduating from college opened up the opportunity for me to transition into a full-time role at Element212, where I’ve honed my skills and contributed to branding strategies for small family-owned businesses.

Working for a small family-owned branding agency has allowed me to expand my skillset across various digital and print tools, supporting our clients in their branding and marketing endeavors. With the fast-paced nature of this industry, I have learned to be agile in developing creative solutions for our clients. Working for a small family brand has given me the opportunity to refine my skills in web design, e-commerce, brand identity, photography, videography, and more. I’m not locked into only working in one area of discipline with design. The diverse responsibilities I’ve embraced have presented both challenges and opportunities for professional growth.

Family-Owned Business Leads to Fulfilling Work

One of the unique aspects of working for a family-owned business is the sense of belonging to a “work” family. As a small family business, we live life’s milestones together, from celebrating weddings to sharing moments at church, to watching each other’s family grow. We experience life’s highs and lows together, which creates a strong bond and close culture.  There is also a strong sense of mutual appreciation among team members for the unique skills we each bring to our work daily. This creates a fulfilling work dynamic that distinguishes family-owned businesses from larger corporations. Despite the challenges, such as resource constraints and smaller salaries, the opportunity to make a meaningful impact and contribute to the success and legacy of the company is unparalleled.

As you embark on your graphic design career, I encourage you to consider the enriching experience of working with a family-owned business. The chance to grow rapidly in your discipline while fostering a sense of community and belonging is truly invaluable.