Do You Know Your Brand Voice?

Previously, we talked about how to separate your business from others in an extremely competitive world. Part of this process starts with knowing your brand voice. By having a distinguished brand voice, you have successfully began the process of building your brand to a whole new level. But what exactly is a “brand voice”?

Brand Voice – The words, phrases, and characteristics that set a brand apart.
Each of these three aspects of your brand voice (Words, phrases, and characteristics) are extremely important to your brand image. Forgetting to pay attention to these small details in your content can be harmful to your brand and ultimately your bottom line. So why is it important to have a brand voice that is unique to your business and how does that benefit your brand? Here are the top 3 most important reasons that you should have a powerfully unique brand voice:

3. Consumers Want Consistency
What words, phrases, and characteristics does your brand use when communicating to your target customers? If you can’t answer that question with a set of words that point in the same direction, then you aren’t being consistent enough. Understand that consistency doesn’t mean writing static content that repeats the same phrases in every content piece. Consistency in your brand voice is using creative phrases that lead to the same thoughts for your target market. Think about how your favorite author writes a novel. Now imagine if that author wrote a new novel in a completely different style of writing. The differences could change your whole perception of the author. Luckily, your favorite author shows consistency in their writing that leads you to reading more of their work. The same idea is true for your brand. Having a consistent brand voice will lead to your followers wanting more and more from you without being upset about an inconsistent message.

2. Uniqueness Sets You Apart
If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a million times; Uniqueness sets you apart from your competition. That is exactly why having a voice that is unique to you is so important. Without your own touch of creativity and spunk, you are just another company in a sea of many, hoping to gain the attention of potential customers that want to buy your product. After all, you want your target market to be looking for YOU. Help them find you by creating a brand voice that is unique enough to stand out and gain their attention. As mentioned in one of our previous blogs Read: Understanding Your Customers Buying Journey the 2nd stage of your customer’s buying journey is consideration. Help them find the solution to their problems by using your unique brand voice!

1. Passion Leads to Success
You’re in business because you love doing what you do. There is no better recipe to success then having a natural passion for what you are doing. Being able to customize your brand’s voice is a way of maintaining control of that passionate personality. It gives you opportunities to truly pour all of that passion down into your content and brand image. Sharing your passion helps you stay focused and on the right path while educating your customers on your unique culture, drive and personality. We know you love doing what you do, now it’s time to let your customers know!

All three of these aspects are linked together no matter how you lay it out. Brand voice is something that you should understand and work with as your business continues to grow. Check out our next blog that shows you how to develop your unique brand voice.