Being Informed is the Real Key to “Cutting Edge…”

It seems that we all know those two or three people that seem to effortlessly and legitimately know something about everything. These are the people we quickly grow to hate or depend on for the answers to all of our menial inquisitions throughout the day. Ever wonder how they do it? They probably just made an effort.

In business, making an effort to stay informed is an oft overlooked part of the day. Good ideas don’t come to those that just wait around, contrary to the actions of most small-business operators. To be a leader in your industry you can’t just wait around for your shtick to work and your idea to take off. You have to do some prep work.

Spend thirty minutes to an hour each day perusing some quality blogs and relevant news sources to see what is currently happening in your field. This kind of dedicated pursuit will help keep you on your toes, and before you know it maybe you’ll have that world-changing idea that shuts down your competitors forever. But hey, worst-case-scenario is that you spent some actual time researching your field and have a much better grasp on your competition. Doesn’t sound like too much of a downside.