Truck Service, Inc. Research

Client Summary

Truck Service, Inc. is an independent repair and maintenance company with eight locations throughout Indiana, Ohio, and Florida. They have serviced all makes and models of light, medium, and heavy-duty vehicles, from individual components to entire systems, since the 1930s. They specialize in suspension, brakes, and steering and are known for their quick turnaround, commitment to driver safety, and focus on vehicle integrity.

Their Challenge

Truck Service, Inc. had grown through acquisitions across the U.S. and needed a consistent brand strategy to support customer retention and lead generation.

Our Strategy

Our research team conducted qualitative interviews with the Truck Service, Inc. team members to gain insights into their brand perceptions, customer care processes, and service differentiators throughout each location.

We then conducted qualitative customer interviews to gain insights into their customer’s current perceptions of the Truck Service, Inc. brand. These interviews also provided a more in-depth look at the customer experience, identifying opportunities to improve the experience and increase retention.

We followed up our qualitative interviews with a quantitative customer survey to add statistical significance to our research. This survey helped to clearly show trends that corroborated what we found in our interviews.

The research was focused on identifying congruencies and gaps within customer touchpoints, uncovering opportunities to strengthen internal communications, processes, and customer retention strategies, as well as developing branding strategies to achieve their goal of improving retention and lead generation.  

The Result

Our research uncovered opportunities to improve internal and external communications and customer care processes. The research identified key customer behaviors and motivators, providing the data needed to create a more robust brand retention strategy.

Strategy recommendations focused on the following:

  • Website redesign
  • Professional development and training
  • Equipment upgrades
  • Customer service processes
  • Human resources
  • Customer onboarding process
  • Unifying customer touchpoints
  • Digital advertising and lead nurturing strategies


The Brand Insights™ research helped shape strategies for a website redesign, targeted digital advertising campaigns, specific sales-focused landing pages, sales materials, and automation strategies to support their communication with leads. We developed a branded video to help educate their audience about what they do while showcasing the unique Truck Service, Inc culture.


Since launching the new website, web traffic has increased from an average of 1,200 visitors per month to 2,200 per month, along with a decreased bounce rate. The Truck Service team receives quality leads daily via website form submission, streamlining communication by capturing the most essential information in the customers’ first touchpoint.

Digital ads for Truck Service, Inc. reach over 9 million people annually, and Search CPC has come down from $7 to $0.50, providing a greater reach for less money per engagement.


Intutive Navigation

We developed an intuitive and comprehensive site navigation with all services and locations, as well as a professional appearance and and clear calls to action.