Up In Your (Family) Business

A Podcast Preview

With Tammy Coleman & Todd Rimer


In the debut episode of the “Up In Your Family Business” podcast, Todd Rimer and Tammy Coleman, co-owners of Element212, offer listeners an exciting glimpse into what to expect from their newest venture. With their combined expertise in marketing, branding, and family business dynamics, Todd and Tammy set the stage for a podcast that promises to be both informative and engaging.

The podcast aims to provide valuable insights and practical advice for family business owners and entrepreneurs navigating the complexities of running a family-owned enterprise. Todd and Tammy understand firsthand the unique challenges and opportunities that come with managing a family business, and they’re committed to sharing their knowledge and experiences to help others succeed.

Listeners can expect a wide range of topics to be covered on the podcast, including:

  • Strategies for building and maintaining a strong brand identity within a family business context.
  • Tips for effective communication and conflict resolution among family members involved in the business.
  • Best practices for succession planning and ensuring a smooth transition of leadership.
  • Ways to leverage digital marketing and technology to drive growth and innovation in a family business setting.
  • Insights into the latest trends and developments in the world of family-owned enterprises.

The podcast is designed for anyone involved in or interested in the world of family business, whether they’re seasoned entrepreneurs or aspiring business owners.

Our guests will share their expertise, highlighting real-world stories aimed to empower listeners with insights and tools they can implement in their own family businesses.

Tune in to the “Up In Your Family Business” podcast to get practical advice, insightful interviews, and inspiration to keep pushing forward in your business.