Georgetown Market

Client Summary

Georgetown Market is a natural living grocery store devoted to the health and economy of their local Indianapolis community since 1973. Their primary goal is to provide their customers, especially those with specific dietary needs, with a wide range of high quality, locally-sourced organic and natural produce, supplements, vitamins, and more.

Their Challenge

Georgetown Market was experiencing a decrease in sales as a result of large competitors entering the market and the rising trend of grocery e-commerce. They needed to modernize their marketing and business approach to keep up with the changing economy.

Our Strategy

Our goal was to reposition Georgetown Market as the local leader in health foods and increase overall brand awareness. We developed a strategy that would help them engage and convert their ideal customers.

We began by gathering qualitative and quantitative feedback from their team members and customers through our Brand Insights™. This process uncovered current gaps in their marketing along with opportunities for improvement to better connect with their community. From our findings, we developed branding efforts to highlight their unique differentiators and keep their brand relevant.
Using Google Ads for both in-store and online traffic, we developed advertising campaigns to reach the target audience around Georgetown Market with a goal to increase awareness and leads.
To meet the goal of revitalizing their brand and developing a more consistent brand image, we re-designed Georgetown’s logo in 2020. We also supported their internal marketing team by creating a brand style guide that included the appropriate use of fonts, colors, icons, imagery, and brand voice.
To help Georgetown Market with their hiring efforts, we created a new careers landing page on their website that would attract potential applicants. We provided content, design, and a functional connection to their hiring platform to position their brand and internal team in a positive light for new hires.

The Result

Since the start of our work, Georgetown Market has experienced a substantial increase in brand awareness and revenue. Over the past years, our digital advertising efforts have increased Georgetown Market’s brand exposure in central Indiana. This growth has allowed them to expand their services and upgrade multiple areas within their store. In addition, Georgetown Market’s new logo now resonates with their diverse audience and represents their values and identity more effectively.


Logo and Branding

Georgetown Market’s logo and branding was ready for a new look that better captured the store’s offerings and atmosphere. We updated their color palette and created a new logo featuring a lemon as the mark, which helped give the brand a fresh, modern look.


Brand Style Guide

Once the new logo and color palette had been established, we created a brand style guide as a guideline for Georgetown in all of their marketing efforts. The style guide gives direction on how to use their logo, colors, imagery, and more in order to keep their brand consistent.


Digital Advertising

To raise brand awareness and promote specials at Georgetown Market, we create and run monthly digital advertising campaigns that align with their goals. 


Website Design Update

To match Georgetown Market’s new branding, we updated the look and feel of their homepage and the eatery page.