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Being Informed is the Real Key to “Cutting Edge…”

It seems that we all know those two or three people that seem to effortlessly and legitimately know something about everything. These are the people we quickly grow to hate or depend on for the answers to all of our menial inquisitions throughout the day. Ever wonder how they do it? They probably just made an effort.

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Blogging-What’s a B2B Company to Do

Blogging-What’s a B2B Company to Do? If you’re responsible for marketing or business communications at a B2B company and you’re still on the fence about incorporating a blog into your business-aligned communication strategy, this post should be of interest. HiveFive, a Cambridge, Mass.-based internet marketing software solutions company, has released the results of a marketing research survey that suggests many business-to-business companies don’t fully grasp the business opportunities associated with blogging. Some, in fact, see it as a resource drain. Hence, the title of this blog “Blogging-What’s a B2B Company to Do?”.

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Foster a Loyal Customer Base: 3 Reasons Why

We all know that loyal, long-term customers are the lifeblood of most businesses. Current customers are less expensive to sell to than potential customers, and they are often your personal army of advocates.

Here are 3 specific reasons to take the time to foster your loyal customer base:

-They are a great source of referrals of potentially good customers.

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