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About Us

What We Do Doesn't Tell the Whole Story

To truly know about us, it helps to get a glimpse into who we are as individuals. And there is no better way than to hear directly from our team, in their own words. So we asked our team members to share what they love most about their jobs, what they are passionate about, and what drives each of them.




I am fortunate to be surrounded by a group of individuals who embrace the concept of producing quality work and results, while representing our brand with professionalism, delivering the service that companies really want, and making decisions that are in the best interest of our clients. I love that I have the opportunity and ability to lead and impact the lives of our employees in a meaningful way, and they in turn do everything possible to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients. Our team and client are in this together with a common goal of growth and success, and that alone provides the fuel to keep waking up and hitting it hard every day.




I enjoy the challenge of developing creative strategies for our clients and I love to see the cumulative results our team members bring to each campaign. My passion lies in conducting the research for our clients with our Brand Insights. It is so fun to learn from our clients and their customers about what makes their company so unique and special, and then develop creative marketing plans that help bridge the gap between the company and the customer. I founded this company in 2008 and it is so fulfilling to see us grow, learn, and mature in our craft and pass that knowledge and value on to our clients.



Brand Strategist

My passion lies in the opportunity to facilitate awesome interpersonal experiences with our clients and our team. I love that I get to work every day with a fun group of people who are creating truly excellent and important work, and help good (in every sense of the word) organizations reach their highest potential and succeed in their mission to support their staff and their community.



Brand Strategist

What I love best about my job is taking what clients are passionate about and helping each of them get in front of the people who are in need of what they have to offer. I enjoy being able to talk with my clients, work with our team, and see all of us come up with ideas that are genuinely aimed at helping the client grow.


Brand Strategist

My greatest goal is to take our clients’ desires and make them a reality. My passion is to serve our clients and community well, both personally and professionally, side-by-side with our diverse and talented team! The joy of my job is taking a goal-focused approach to provide the marketing solutions our clients expect and watch their business thrive.



Visual Communication Designer

What drives and motivates me is the daily challenge of becoming a better designer. My true passion is in helping others. Professionally, that involves creating visual solutions that help our clients effectively communicate their messages, increasing engagement with customers, and generating sales and growth.



Visual Communication Designer

I love creating a more beautiful world through my design. Advertising is always going to be out there; we live in a media saturated world. It drives me to design better work to make the world look even just a little better. I am passionate about good design whatever that may be, but I have learned that I love branding and creating an identity for someone. It brings me joy to see our clients succeed and look better because of what I have done for them.


Visual Communication Designer


Digital Marketing Strategist

What I love most is creating opportunities for clients to express their brand, product or vision to current and potential customers through digital advertising. I have a passion for helping businesses grow by helping them maximize their audience. For me, there is no better feeling than to help a client reach their goals.

Victoria Montgomery


Digital Marketing Strategist

I enjoy creating opportunities to present a client’s brand, product, and vision to current and potential customers. I love working with businesses owners who are passionate about their brand and showing them just how many people they can reach through digital advertising. My passion is taking great businesses and helping them grow and maximize their audience.


Project & Website Strategist

I love the challenge of keeping up with new marketing trends and technology, and utilizing those to develop and implement winning strategies that help businesses attract their customers, excel, and grow. What I love is the team atmosphere and working with my colleagues on a vast array of client projects.




I love that my job allows me to use my talents in such a way that I can empower people to live the life they dream about. So many people have big ideas, but only a small percentage ever act on them. I love being able to “fill the gaps” for the business owners that have the idea and the work ethic, but just need a little help on the strategy and execution. For me, when our team does great work and our client recognizes us for that, there are few better feelings in the world.


Content Strategist

My passion has always been to positively influence any community I am placed. For me, it is very rewarding to see the outcomes of our work support the organizations and empower the communities. I am so grateful to work with such a caring and talented group of people that creates work that matters.


Content Strategist

Creating and developing effective strategies to help our clients meet their goals is essential to the work that I do, and it is my passion. I love seeing how the work I am doing is positively affecting our clients and their engagement with their target audience. When our clients are doing well with a winning strategy and our team is thriving because of their success, that to me is when I can see that the work I’m doing truly makes a difference.