Why You?

Differentiating your brand can be a seemingly difficult task in a world that is quickly globalizing. Social media, blogs, email, and search engines in general have broken the barriers in the business world as we know it. Target markets now have access to millions of companies that offer the same services or products that you do. So how do you distinguish yourself and set your brand apart from your competitors?

Forget the Basics
The basic requirements to be in business are having a competitive price, strong customer service, and some type of expertise. These three things in no way separate your brand from everyone else. Instead, focus on what differentiates your business, services or products and how you communicate and engage with your clients and target market.In a crowded market, the difference between companies can be as simple as who offers the best buying experience. Make the buying experience specific and unique to your brand promise and unique deliverables. This will instill confidence and a memorable experience that can give your customers a reason to buy from you and no one else.

Be Uniquely YOU
Understanding what drives your brand is crucial to your success. Sharing your unique value and being transparent will create a culture of trust and relationship building with your customers. Your transparency will naturally show your differentiators, culture and brand personality in a way that your competition can’t duplicate, because it is uniquely yours.

Knowledge is Power
We’ve all heard, “know your enemies.” The same is true in the business world. Taking some time to understand who your competitors are will help you to know how to position your company differently. If you compete on the exact same product or service, find a way to provide that product or service uniquely (think Southwest Airlines) so that you can stand out above the crowd. Market the unique way you provide your products so your customers understand why you are different (and hopefully better).

These are three “must do” steps to help your brand stand out amongst the continuously growing business world. Don’t be the everyday business that is uniformed to your competition and doesn’t know who you truly are. Know your competition and understand and market what drives your brand and you will be able to show your customers that you mean business.