Why Some Brands Are So Revered

Disney. Apple. Starbucks. Nike.
These are some of the most revered brands in the world. They each own their product or service category, they’ve amassed millions of customers, and they have created cult-like followings for their brands. But how? How have these brands gone from being just a competitor in a category to being the remarkable brands they are today?

In this article, we’ll demonstrate how remarkable brands all have a few things in common that help them achieve that status. First, they know who they are  and what their customers expect of them. There are no questions, blind spots, or points of confusion, and they ensure this is true from the top of the organization down. Second, remarkable brands understand that the customer experience is the most important part of any business’ success. And finally, they create consistent experiences no matter how or where you encounter them. Let’s look a little deeper at these three essential elements of remarkable brands to understand their importance.

Remarkable brands understand who they and their customer expectations
Remarkable brands prioritize the customer experience
Remarkable brands create consistent brand experiences


Understand Your Brand & Customer Expectations

Remarkable brands know who they are. They don’t try to be everything to everyone. They seek out the individuals who are looking for what their brand has to offer. Some people won’t need or appreciate their product or service, and that’s ok because remarkable brands aren’t for every person! They’re for the ones who align with their core purpose—their why. So, if a customer doesn’t value the friendly atmosphere, the high-quality products, or even the humanitarian initiatives Starbucks has undergone, then they’re probably not going to take the time to frequent their stores. But, Starbucks knows there are plenty of people who will. The responsibility simply lies on Starbucks to inform consumers about what they, as a brand, believe and how their product fits into the consumer’s life, and – boom! – you’ve got an engaged audience. Once a brand has that engaged audience, however, it’s crucial to ensure they’re delivering on what their customers are expecting, and remarkable brands do this better than anyone.

Prioritize the Customer Experience

Remarkable brands do all they can to ensure that every interaction a customer has with their brand is one that completely meets their expectations. Sticking with Starbucks for consistency in our example of remarkable brands, their mission is “to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time.” This mission isn’t just something that’s framed on a wall at a Starbucks however. This mission is what drives every decision they make and dictates how they train their employees to serve their customers. Nurturing the human spirit isn’t something that coffee does. It’s something that people do. So, while coffee is the vessel that allows Starbucks to live out its mission, the human interaction—the customer experience—is what truly delivers and fulfills that mission. By ensuring all employees throughout the organization understand their mission and what’s driving their customers to choose Starbucks over the plethora of other options, they are empowering their team to meet and exceed customer expectations. More often than not, people aren’t choosing Starbucks solely for their coffee. They’re choosing it because of the experience they receive as a customer.

Create Consistent Brand Experiences

Finally, the best businesses don’t build brand advocates by delivering an exceptional experience once in a while. They build brand advocates by consistently showing up again and again and again. Consumers begin to form admiration for a brand when they feel like they can rely on that brand. When a consumer thinks “I need a quick pick-me-up and could use a friendly face and pleasant experience.” and automatically heads to a Starbucks, that’s brand loyalty. Fundamentally, brand loyalty is a byproduct of how you make consumers feel. As people, we all want little more than to feel appreciated and valued. Remarkable brands make consumers feel this way. By consistently meeting customer expectations, a brand conveys a feeling of appreciation. You’re telling the customer that you know what they expect, you know they could choose to go anywhere, and you will deliver an experience that shows you respect and appreciate their choosing to come here. The feeling of being appreciated is one we seldom forget, and remarkable brands seek out opportunities to make customers feel appreciated.

So, why are some brands so revered? Because they truly believe that what they have to offer is needed by a consumer group, and they understand that by creating consistent experiences that deliver on customers’ expectations, they can create loyal advocates of their brand. Think through your organization. Is there a solid understanding of why the company exists and how you serve your customers? Does your team deliver exceptional customer experiences? There is always room to review and refine your approach to meeting customer needs, as customers are always changing. So, get with your team, discuss the importance of meeting customer expectations, and create a plan to continue building your remarkable brand.