Why Aren’t You Advertising On Facebook?

Businesses that avoid Facebook advertising miss out on tremendous opportunities. Facebook advertising may appear to be an overwhelming digital space that involves design, research and marketing, and this technology can seem puzzling.

But Facebook is not as complicated as it seems.

Facebook is so successful because it is designed to be easy to use—and advertising is a huge part of this.

Businesses can use Facebook advertising to reach more than half of America. According to eMarketer Social Network Usage 2016, 162.9 million Americans are now on Facebook, which is 50.3% of the US population.

Now, take into consideration 88% of all social media users in the United States also use Facebook and the average Facebook user spends 50 minutes a day on Facebook. The ability for businesses to reach their audience is now more attainable than ever before.

These numbers indicate that, despite some businesses’ hesitancy to use Facebook, businesses miss huge potential if they are not using Facebook advertising. Here are three reasons your business should use Facebook advertising:

  1. Inexpensive cost—the cost to advertise with Facebook can be as little as a dollar a day. Businesses can reach thousands of people on literally a shoestring budget.
  2. Specific audience—Because people enter their personal information on Facebook, businesses can target advertising to reach people based on where they live, their interests, gender, and age. This targeting can help reach your desired audience easier.
  3. Tracking—with the analytics Facebook provides, businesses can track conversions and actions more effectively. This means that you can not only advertise to whom you want, but you can more efficiently manage your digital advertising budget.

Designing and maneuvering the advertising world may take some professional help. An outsourced marketing company can support your advertising efforts with creative strategies and professional design to reach your target customer groups. An outsourced marketing company can take on the burden of developing and managing your Facebook advertising, saving you time and money with more strategic and targeted advertising efforts.

Unlike other forms of advertising, Facebook advertising reaches the right people with less money. So, why aren’t you using Facebook advertising?