Video production

You aren't really marketing without it


Whether you are using it on your website or on social media, video is an effective way to tell your story. It can help you stand out from your competition and humanize your brand because it communicates more than just written text. Video engages consumers and gives them a deeper connection with your brand, which builds stronger brand loyalty and trust. In fact, many consumers prefer to watch video over reading written content, making video an essential part of your brand’s strategy for reaching its maximum potential audience.

At Element212, we believe that video creation should always be strategic. From developing the script to shooting the video, we strategically plan every step of the process. This ensures that the video will be effective for purposes such as consumer engagement, SEO, product or service promotion, digital advertising, and more. Once production is complete, our team will help you execute the video on all platforms to get the most ROI for your investment.

The Benefits
of Video

Stay Relevant on
Social Platforms
Social media platforms have become increasingly focused on video. Capitalizing on this trend will allow you to connect with your audience in the most up-to-date ways.
Tell Your Story
With the visual and audio aspects of video, you can tell your story more effectively than if you could only use texts, and it helps to showcase the human element of your brand.

Video serves many purposes, including advertising, fostering brand loyalty, sharing testimonials, and connecting with your audience. In many cases, the same video can be used for multiple purposes, if planned well.

The Video

We’ll sit down with you to learn your goals for your video and discuss how to best communicate your message.

Your brand strategist will develop a strategy for using your video to further your marketing efforts.

We’ll write the script for your video to help you communicate your message clearly and concisely.

We’ll shoot the video in a location that makes sense for your brand and the story you are sharing. Sometimes, that’s in our office. Other times, it’s at your location or somewhere else in the community.

Once your video is edited we’ll add in the finishing touching with graphic overlay, voice over, and music, when needed. Our team will execute the video across your social media platforms, on your website, and anywhere else it might serve to advance your brand.


Know your goal

Define your audience

Establish your budget

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