Victoria Williams Digital Marketing Strategist

Team Member Spotlight: Digital Marketing Strategist Victoria Montgomery

What is the most challenging aspect of digital advertising in 2018?
Something that will always be challenging for digital marketers is staying ahead of the trends while not getting caught-up in “Marketing fads.” Marketing is one of the most fast paced work environment due to changing platforms, new technology, new integrations, and constant development. We always want to offer the newest and greatest tools to help our clients reach their audience and stand out from the competition, but we have to be wise about the investments and recommendations we make to be sure we are utilizing the right media platform each client.

Share a fun E212 moment you experienced lately:
It was a lot of fun getting the entire team together at Anderson Country Club and celebrating our 10-year anniversary and also our awesome interns who have now become a part of the Element212 family! We were able to enjoy the afternoon together and see how far everyone has come since day one. It was an awesome reminder of what a great and talented team we have.

Share a recent success you have had with a client project.
I am always anxious to see if the audience will interact the way we feel they will when launching the first round of digital ads for a client. Finding the right audience, then getting them to take the right action, can take some refining. I initially had that anxious excitement when we started working with Warner Press. They are a great company that provides Bible curriculum, church bulletins, Christian books, and church supplies. Their audience is one that is a little more difficult to find across various platforms plus they are taking steps to market in ways many businesses in their field have not. I was curious to see how people responded to the message. I have been beyond pleased with how well these ad sets are performing. Working with Warner Press has been great!