Uncovering Customers’ Fears

Think about the last time you set out to purchase a vehicle. How did you make that purchasing decision? You went through four distinct steps. First, you became aware that you needed a new vehicle. Second, you searched for information. Third, you evaluated the alternatives and lastly, you made a purchase decision.

So where does the fear factor come into play? During the third phase of your purchasing decision process, you narrowed your search down to just a few alternatives, eliminating all other options that didn’t fit your criteria. Next, you have a final decision to make. Which car will you choose? The answer is simple. The car that you decide to purchase will be the one with the least amount of concerns or risk that go along with it in the long-term. The fear of purchasing a product that will have high repair costs, poor functionality, or even have a negative impact on your social status are all fears that buyers have when purchasing any product. However, like every person is different, they also have different concerns.

Being able to understand what the fears and concerns of your clients are will allow you to position your service or product in the correct manner. It is crucial to understand who your target market is and help eliminate any fear they might have while they are in the third stage of the purchase decision. Conducting and analyzing customer research will do just that. Through forums, surveys, and focus groups you allow your target market to voice their fears about products or services in your particular industry.

After your research is conducted, the analyzing phase begins. Once you understand what your target market fears when evaluating your product or service, you can position brand in a way that eliminates their fears and ultimately leads them to a confident purchase. This can be done through social media campaigns, informational blogs, website content, and advertising. Let your target market know that they can make a confident purchase in your product. After all, the greatest competitive advantage that you can have is an outstanding relationship with your audience and clients that have confidence in their purchasing of your product or service.