Tyler Osswald – Employee Spotlight

Why do you think companies need digital marketing assistance in 2018?
I think companies need digital advertising in 2018 because that’s where consumers spend most of their time. According to emarketer, in 2017 consumers spent an average of 67minutes each day on Facebook and Instagram. In 2018, they projected the average time to increase to 69 minutes per day. The younger generation is trending towards getting all of their information online as opposed to other sources. Advertising online is the most efficient and effective way of advertising. With detailed targeting techniques you can reach the exact audience you want to reach.

Share a fun E212 moment you experienced lately.
A fun moment I experienced lately was the team day. It was really fun to be part of the vision and mission team discussion and to have a voice in the direction of the company. We went out to lunch and then bowled and had a lot of fun bonding and growing as a team!

Share a recent success you have had with a client project.
Facebook recently updated their advertisement guidelines, which caused us to have to revamp a lot of ads for our clients. It was a victory for me to successfully go through this process in retooling the ads to get them re-approved quickly – so our clients didn’t experience any down time. Digital advertising is ever changing and it is so fun to be in an environment that keeps me on my toes.

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