Client Summary

Wallington Asset Management is a boutique wealth management firm in Indianapolis focused on customizing each client’s personal investment portfolio to create a path to financial security and peace of mind. With a multigenerational history of success, the Wallington team builds portfolios in-house with a direct focus on each client’s specific objectives.

Their Challenge

To reach new clients in today’s age, Wallington came to us wanting to modernize and refresh their brand image in their logo and website. Their logo needed to be more impactful and coordinate with the design of their website. On their new site, they wanted a refreshed, professional appearance along with intuitive navigation. Wallington’s goals were to clearly communicate their range of financial services for both private and institutional clients and engage new clients by positioning their business for future growth.

Our Strategy

We began Wallington’s redesign project by meeting with their team to understand their priorities and goals. We created a plan to start updating their logo and developing their new website with the aim of modernizing their brand image.

For their logo refresh, we updated their existing logo concept to a more eye-catching and professional look and feel. By doing this, we maintained their strong brand identity but added in a modern yet timeless appearance.
For their website design, our team visited their office to capture photography and b-roll footage of their team to add a real-life glimpse into working with Wallington. We also selected stock imagery to help a variety of visitors visualize themselves as Wallington clients. With their website content, we made sure to emphasize their core principles and values to help engender trust with clients. We also added in more calls to action throughout the site to encourage visitors to reach out to a financial advisor. Their website was also mobile optimized and equipped with an area to post their newsletter every quarter to help them keep clients informed and reach new clients. At the end of the process, their new website went through a review with their compliance department to make sure all verbiage regarding their financial services was accurate.

The Result

With their updated brand image, Wallington Asset Management was ready to reach new clients in the digital age. Their team was happy to have had a positive experience building their new site with Elemen212. The Wallington company is now positioned for the future with an updated logo and website that effectively portrays their team, core values, and business offerings.