Client Summary

Table XI, now TXI, is a boutique strategy and product innovation firm transforming companies through innovative technology development. TXI was founded in 2002 and is based out of Chicago, Illinois.

Their Challenge

TXI hired Element212 for two research projects over three years to solve two distinct business challenges to help guide their business decisions.

In 2018, the TXI leadership felt they didn’t have a strong understanding of their clients’ needs and motivators and believed there was more opportunity to serve and better connect with their audience. They also wanted to understand how to bridge the gap with lost leads to set better expectations and ultimately win those projects.

In 2021, TXI was planning to re-brand their business identity and needed data to aid in repositioning the brand messaging as a full-service solution provider, from research to go-to-market products for its clients. They needed to understand better brand perceptions held by their clients and team members to effectively re-brand their company.

Our Strategy

In 2018, we conducted the Brand Insights™ research to gain a macro view of the TXI brand. The project aimed to gain insights from crucial TXI team members, current and past clients, and lost leads to uncover perceptions into TXI’s S.W.O.T., expectations, differentiators, deliverables, and benefits. We aimed to gather actionable data and deliver a strategic approach to help TXI reach and resonate with its ideal clients and to bridge the gap on lost leads.

In 2021, we conducted the Brand Insights™ a second time to provide TXI with actionable insights to help their team in the re-branding and repositioning process of their company.  The second Brand Insights™ allowed us to measure growth from strategies implemented from the first Brand Insights™ report to uncover how clients currently perceived the TXI brand compared to 2018.

For both research projects, Element212 conducted one-on-one qualitative interviews with TXI team members to uncover their insights into the TXI brand. Next, we interviewed their clients and lost leads to gain insights into their perspectives, motivations, behaviors, and vetting process.
Each research project included quantitative insights where Element212 executed online surveys with the remaining TXI staff and client database to add statistical significance to our data. The quantitative research helped uncover clear trends to create actionable recommendations for TXI.
Element212 created a Brand Insights™ report that highlighted the following:
  • An overview of TXI’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats
  • Gaps between the brand position, deliverables, and expectations of TXI and their clients
  • Brand differentiators
  • Client buyer’s journey and vetting process
  • Client motivators and behaviors
  • Internal process and communication gaps that resulted in lost leads and revenue

The Result

Based on recommendations from the 2018 Brand Insights™, TXI changed their operations, resulting in improved internal processes and communications, streamlining their client care.

The research uncovered gaps in their business development, resulting in TXI hiring a business development manager to be ahead of capturing additional client projects. Additionally, they expanded their design department to strengthen their deliverables and better position their services in the marketplace.

Our 2021 Brand Insights™ helped discover that the changes TXI made based on the 2018 recommendations improved their client relationships and service. Hiring a business development manager directly impacted their revenue growth and reduced the number of lost business opportunities with current clients.

The Brand Insights™ uncovered new opportunities for staffing and professional development, content positioning for enterprise clients, additional opportunities for lead conversion points, and strategies for client retention.

Additionally, this round of research provided the TXI team with the information they needed to reposition their brand as a full-service solution provider. By understanding their current client perceptions and how they aligned with their desired brand positioning, they could craft a strategy that more clearly conveyed how they serve their clients.

“The Brand Insights™ was eye-opening for us. We heard much more about what was actually going on in the mind of the buyer, which helped us dial in our approach, our message, and our go-to-market strategy.”

– Mark Rickmeier, Table XI