Nardco Heating & Air

Client Summary

Nardco Heating & Air Conditioning is an HVAC company serving the Anderson and central Indiana community since 1961. Nardco takes pride in being a high-quality, dependable, and honest HVAC provider that the community can turn to for all their heating and cooling needs.

Their Challenge

Nardco recently went through a change in ownership. Being relatively new to the industry and this particular business, the new owner had a plan for the company’s direction but didn’t have all the information to ensure his plans were successful. He needed a “state of the union” that would inform on what was working well at the company, where there was room to improve, and how well the current perceptions of the Nardco brand were aligned, internally and externally. The new ownership also wanted to ensure employees understood that their opinions were valued and that no changes would be made until all members of the team were able to give their feedback.

Our Strategy

We conducted our Brand Insights™ research for Nardco to provide them with a full-picture view of their brand. We gathered insights from their team members, as well as their customers, to gain a better understanding of; how to improve processes, employee satisfaction, and motivation, customer satisfaction, company strengths, and opportunities, and uncover areas for improvements.

We conducted one-on-one interviews with each employee of the Nardco team, from the new owner to the newest hire, to ensure every team member had an equal opportunity to share their feedback. This allowed us to collect vital information, including employee satisfaction, buy-in on the company mission, opportunities for process improvement, and clarity on how Nardco serves their employees and customers.

We also conducted individual interviews with a diverse group of Nardco’s customers, representing new and repeat business from a variety of the central Indiana communities they serve. These interviews gave us a baseline on how well aligned the market was with the brand image Nardco desired.
We sent out a survey to the remainder of the Nardco customer database. This allowed us to add statistical significance to the data we collected during the interviews and made clear trends and opportunities easier to identify.

We analyzed both the qualitative and quantitative data and compiled a report for the Nardco team that highlighted the following:

  • The perceived strengths and weaknesses of the Nardco brand.
  • Recommendations for improvements to processes, process documentation, internal communications, and employee engagement.
  • Gaps in brand positioning and service expectations between Nardco’s team and their customers.
  • Opportunities to increase brand awareness in new markets.
  • Brand promise and differentiators.
  • Improving the onboarding and career advancement processes to ensure consistent, thorough training and clear opportunity for growth in the company.

The Result

As a result of the Brand Insights™ research, Nardco created standardized, documented processes to ensure thorough training and consistent customer experiences, resulting in higher levels of customer satisfaction. These documented processes also allowed Nardco to be better prepared to enter new markets and train new crew members to deliver a unified Nardco experience to all of their customers.

The Nardco team also implemented a more purposeful internal hierarchy that allowed for a clear understanding of responsibilities within the organization. This hierarchy also created clear paths for advancement within the company, ideally attracting high-quality employees looking for long-term career opportunities.

The team culture at Nardco also improved by allowing all of the employees to feel their opinions were heard and valued. Several employees remarked throughout the process that they felt respect and appreciation for the new ownership for conducting research before making changes.

Finally, by presenting the findings of this report to the entire Nardco organization, not just the new ownership, it created employee buy-in as they were able to participate in the data the Brand Insights™ uncovered. This provided the new ownership the validation they needed to implement necessary changes and employees the understanding for why changes were being made.

Ongoing Branding

After the Brand Insights™ was completed, Nardco pursued additional opportunities with Element212 to support their brand development. Element212 updated several branded touchpoints including uniforms, trade show signage and swag, and print marketing pieces including yard signs, flyers, folders, and billboards. Our team provided a consistent identity with our extensive knowledge of their brand.

“The Brand Insights™ has allowed us to move the company forward 24 months. It would have taken us at least 2 years to gather all this data. Now we can execute with confidence that our brand and culture will be able to expand and delight customers all over. It has been awesome to build the confidence in relationships to talk about hard things by involving everyone and showing them you care about their input. It helps everyone be on the same page and see why we do what we do in all areas of the company.”

– Seth Parker, Owner, Nardco Heating & Air Conditioning



We created a branded brochure to help Nardco educate their audience and support their brand development.



We updated Nardco’s uniforms to provide a consistent identity with their brand.


Brand Insights

We conducted our Brand Insights™ research for Nardco in order to provide them with a full-picture view of their brand.


Tradeshow Signage

We designed several branded touchpoints for Nardco, including yard signs, billboards, and trade show signage and swag.

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