Client Summary

Modern Trailer Sales is a family-owned RV dealership that has been helping customers enjoy their camping experiences since 1951. Modern Trailer Sales offers a wide selection of new and pre-owned RVs including Keystone, Forest River, Coachmen, and many more.

Their Challenge

In 2012, Modern Trailer Sales saw the changing trends in their industry and knew they needed to capitalize on the growth taking place in the RV market. They hired Element212 to help them revamp their brand identity, messaging, and sales strategy to grow in this market.

Our Strategy

After recognizing the shift in trends in the RV industry, our team strived to first understand the needs of the target market and to bridge the communication gap between the company and their ideal customers.

With our goal to strengthen their brand identity and sales strategy, we focused on building strong brand awareness and getting the products and service promotions in front of their ideal customers.

Element212 conducted customer focus groups, secret shopping, competitive analysis, surveys, and Brand InsightsTM that included individual team and customer interviews. The goal from our research was to uncover a clear S.W.O.T. analysis and gain a full perspective of their brand.

From our research, we develop a targeted marketing campaign and bridged the communication gap between the company and their ideal customers to improve lead conversions.

We started with developing a new brand promise, corporate logo and tag line. We created dual marketing strategies to help build their brand awareness while also getting products and service promotions in front of their ideal customers.

Today, we are continuously developing brand-awareness and lead generation campaigns as part of a two-fold strategy approach to reach potential new customers and nurture current customers. Modern Trailer Sales collaborates with our design and strategy team to create print and digital messaging that clearly and quickly communicates their brand differentiators and promotional calls to action.

Our integrated approach reaches customers through multiple touchpoints: Marketing through print and signage, tradeshow marketing, and paid digital advertising on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, web display networks, and keyword-targeting ads. Strategic targeting is a key to this success.

The cost per click and reach are monitored daily so that we can guide the advertising strategy for optimal performance. Daily analysis of ad performance and conversions enables us to respond quickly to market changes and stay ahead of competitors in an ever-changing online climate. Our average cost per click is always below industry average on all platforms.

The Result

Through our collective marketing efforts, Modern Trailer Sales has seen record growth over the past 6 years. With increased customer traffic Modern Trailer Sales has added to their RV inventory, growing from under 200 RVs to well over 300 on average. They have added more storage space as well as a second full-service maintenance building.  As of 2018, Modern Trailer Sales is currently ranking third in the state for the total number of units sold, which is the highest ranking they have achieved in a very competitive market. They have also doubled their number of service bays (now 14 total bays) and added an indoor storage facility.