Miller’s Consulting

Client Summary

Miller Consulting has over 25 years of experience with Design/Drafting, CAD Data Management, CAD software, and building teams. Their partner network allows their team to consult clients on every aspect of their most important CAD designs.

The CEO of Miller Consulting wanted to strengthen its brand equity and engagement with current and potential clients. They hired Element212 to conduct the Brand Insights™ research to uncover gaps and opportunities within their business processes, communications, and client touchpoints to develop targeted messaging and marketing strategies to achieve their goals.

Their Challenge

Miller Consulting faced a variety of business challenges including: reaching new markets, differentiating from a typical staffing company, no standard processes for client communications, insufficient knowledge about marketing platforms and tools, and a lack of accountability for managing their marketing efforts.

Our Strategy

The Element212 research team designed a research project to gain insights to aid in the development of the following:

  • Develop process to improve communications with their clients
  • Create messaging to increase brand engagement and equity
  • Uncover new brand touchpoints to move leads to a buying decision
  • Showcase their differentiators through their brand story
  • Uncover opportunities to strengthen partner relations
Our qualitative methodology included individual team member interviews to gain different perspectives on the brand, culture, positioning, value, differentiators, and S.W.O.T.

Qualitative research was also conducted with 7 clients to gain insights into their brand perceptions and experiences to uncover gaps, opportunities, and where Miller Consulting was succeeding with their clients.
The research project included quantitative insights where Element212 executed online surveys with the remaining Miller Consulting client database to add statistical significance to our data. The quantitative research helped uncover clear trends to create actionable recommendations for Miller Consulting.

Element212 created a Brand Insights™ report that highlighted the following:

  • A company S.W.O.T. (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats)
  • Gaps between the brand position, deliverables, and expectations Miller Consulting and their clients
  • Competitive differentiators
  • Client brand perceptions and expectations
  • Client pain points and fears
  • Client motivators and buying behaviors
  • Client vetting process
  • Client perceived benefits from hiring Miller Consulting Group
  • Internal process and communication gaps and recommendations
  • Marketing messaging and strategy recommendations

The Result

Based on recommendations from the Brand Insights™, Miller Consulting developed new client touchpoints that included a branded video, sales materials, and educational pieces to showcase their workflow and expertise in their field.

Our research uncovered opportunities to engage with leads through developing webinars, as well as offering software training and professional development.

The research uncovered gaps in their messaging, causing a lack of service understanding by leads, which resulted in lost revenue. The research report helped the Miller Consulting team understand how their clients articulated their needs which aided in the development of content marketing updates to their branded touchpoints.

The Brand Insights™ research gave the Miller Consulting team the information they needed to reposition their brand as a full-service CAD and PLM staffing and solutions provider.

By understanding their current client’s fears, needs, and perceptions, they could craft messaging and marketing strategies that more clearly resonate with their ideal audience.