Lampco Federal Credit Union

Client Summary

Lampco Federal Credit Union is a full-service, non-profit financial institution that has offered best-in-class banking services in Madison County for over fifty years. They are dedicated to creating economic benefits for their members by providing quality financial products delivered with the highest level of service and integrity. In their early years, they provided services to the employees of their parent company Guide Lamp. After Guide Lamp left the Madison County area, Lampco stayed to continue serving the larger Madison County community.

Their Challenge

Since losing their parent company, Lampco struggled to grow their business. They lacked the recognition they needed from the community to be able to thrive and expand. In order to succeed, they needed to build a high level of brand and service awareness to the residents of Madison County.

Our Strategy

Because Madison County has such a diverse population, our team developed a branding strategy that would ensure Lampco was reaching the majority of their community. Our goal was to reeducate their audience about Lampco and their banking services. All of our strategies were built around creating brand loyalty and trust with each member who seeks services from and experiences the Lampco brand.

We began by assessing the current state of their brand with feedback from employees and customers through our Brand Insights™ research. We then developed a report highlighting their opportunities for success, what was holding them back, and our recommendations for growth. Utilizing our research, we created and implemented content marketing strategies for their brand.
To refresh Lampco’s messaging, we repositioned their focus from a niche audience to the broader community in order to reach more individuals. Lampco also needed to reach and engage a younger demographic, so we helped them utilize social media marketing on Facebook for this purpose. In addition to social media support, we designed a resourceful monthly e-newsletter to help them add value and engage with their customers. Finally, to help Lampco continue to educate their audience on financial wellness, we created a monthly blog covering a variety of topics and services for their members.

The Result

Through our marketing strategies, Lampco Federal Credit Union has seen growth in their business and in brand awareness. The Lampco member e-newsletter has resulted in increased engagement with an open rate of over 25%. With monthly on-brand content from their blog, e-newsletter, and social media, Lampco continues to reach and serve their local community.

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