Kelmar Safety

Client Summary

KELMAR Safety is a DOT rules and regulations company that helps businesses of all sizes become (and remain) compliant in all DOT rules and regulations. KELMAR has been serving businesses across the nation for over 20 years and has made it their mission to fulfill the demand for reliable services in the driver safety and compliance space.

Their Challenge

Over the years the KELMAR Safety brand and services had grown and the current website did not accurately represent who they were and the way in which they were able to serve their clients. Additionally, the site was not mobile optimized which led to a less than ideal experience for potential clients when seeking information. They needed the new site to better represent their brand and still be able to access their user portal where current customers regularly come to access information.

Our Strategy

 We started with research to gain a deeper understanding of their business model and clients in order to create a website that both accurately portrayed their brand, culture, and expertise and to create content that would resonate with their client’s needs.

We began the research process by conducting 4 one-on-one interviews with key stakeholders of the KELMAR safety brand. These interviews provided us with the information we needed to deeply understand the KELMAR Safety brand, their business goals, their desired brand positioning, what an ideal customer looks like to them, and more. Next we conducted one-on-one interviews with 4 of KELMAR’s customers to gain insights into their perceptions of the KELMAR brand, their reason for choosing KELMAR, the benefits they receive by working with KELMAR, what information was essential to know in their vetting process, and more.
Additionally, we sent out surveys to both the KELMAR Safety team and customer databases (excluding the qualitative participants). These surveys allowed us to add statistical significance to the insights we collected during the qualitative research phase.

We analyzed the internal and external research data, both qualitative and quantitative, and delivered a report to the KELMAR Safety team that contained information regarding:

  • Perceived strengths and weaknesses of the brand
  • Opportunities and threats 
  • Positioning information that informed our website strategy and future marketing strategies
  • Competitive differentiators 
  • Target customer profile
  • Buyer’s Journey mapping

The Result

As a result of our research process we were able to strategically develop their corporate website and confidently achieve the goals they had for this project.. By understanding the desired positioning of the KELMAR Safety brand, the vetting process of their clients, their differentiating information, strengths, and client conversion points, we were able to design and position their branded website to effectively speak to potential new clients. 

We also uncovered areas of opportunity within the KELMAR Safety brand that allowed them to serve their clients even more efficiently. One area that KELMAR takes great pride in is their quick turnaround time on requests from clients and through our research we were able to identify opportunities in communication that would allow them to streamline their internal processes to create positive customer touchpoints. 

There were also opportunities identified to create a consistent brand identity as they continued to grow their business. Varying color palettes were used on the previous website causing an inconsistent brand identity. Our research identified opportunities within their sales process creating updated brand assets for their sales team. Branded videos were also recommended to assist in the sales cycle and better explain their brand and how they approach their work to potential clients.