Client Summary

Georgetown Market is a natural foods store devoted to the health and economy of their local Indianapolis community since 1973. Their primary goal is to offer a wide range of high-quality organic foods for the general community and those with special dietary-related needs while ensuring to source their products locally.

Their Challenge

Georgetown Market was experiencing challenges with large competitors entering the market and the rising trend of grocery e-commerce. They needed to modernize their marketing and business approach to keep up with the changing economy.

Our Strategy

With a goal to reposition Georgetown Market as the local leader in health foods and increase brand awareness, we developed a marketing strategy mix that would engage and convert their ideal customers.

We gathered qualitative and quantitative feedback from their team members and customers through our Brand Insights™. This process uncovered current gaps in their marketing along with opportunities for improvement to better connect with their community.

Campaigns included efforts to reposition Georgetown Market’s brand as a leader in the health foods industry. We highlighted their unique differentiators and kept their brand relevant throughout all seasons of the year.

Facebook advertising campaigns were implemented to reach the target audience around Georgetown Market with a goal to increase awareness and in-store traffic.

We developed and distributed content including e-newsletters, blogs, events, and recipes for customer engagement.

With annual customer surveys, we continue to gather data to keep our marketing message and delivery on point and relevant to their customers.

To meet their goal to revitalize their brand and develop more consistency with their identity and marketing efforts, we re-designed their logo in 2020.

To support their internal marketing team, we created a brand style guide that included the appropriate use of fonts, colors, icons, imagery, and brand voice. This document helps to keep brand consistency throughout every project with multiple teams.

The Result

Since Element212 started working with Georgetown Market, in 2014, their company has experienced a substantial increase in brand awareness and revenue. Our content and email marketing strategies allow Georgetown Market to continually engage with an average of over 1,000 people monthly, building brand equity and loyalty while securing recurring customers among local competitors.

Over the past 6 years, our digital marketing efforts have increased Georgetown Market’s brand exposure to 2.4 million people in Central Indiana. Their click-through-rate in advertising increased by 39%, link clicks increased by 12,620%, and cost-per-click decreased by 89%.

This growth has allowed Georgetown Market to expand their services and upgraded multiple areas within their store. In 2018, as a result of the integrated marketing efforts, Georgetown Market celebrated the best sales year in 45 years of business.

In addition, Georgetown Market’s new logo that was added in 2020 resonates with their diverse audience and represents their values and identity more effectively. The logo is now more versatile and scalable to be used in a wide range of applications.