Client Summary

DEFENDERS is the only authorized premier provider of ADT® Security Services in Indiana. DEFENDERS’ commitment is to provide the highest quality home security and automation options for families.

Their Challenge

The DEFENDERS’ marketing team was planning a new series of digital marketing campaigns on YouTube. They were looking for additional support to create an animated video to be used in advertisements that offer different ad positioning to their current campaigns.

Our Strategy

With the goal to generate leads and improve conversions of sales among young families, we focused on family over possessions. Understanding the business relationship between DEFENDERS’ and ADT®, we built our campaign around their Brand Guidelines.

The project took off with reviewing of DEFENDERS’ strict brand guidelines as a provider of ADT® Security Services.

We conducted a discovery meeting with the DEFENDERS team to gain detailed insights into their goals, needs, and desires for the video. We planned out “calls to action” and conversion metrics to ensure the video supports the outcome they were seeking.

Based on the big picture goals and audience, Element212’s content, design, and strategy team came together to develop the video storyboard and script.

Based on the determined video concept and strategy, we produced the video to be utilized in their digital advertising campaigns.

The Result

Element212 developed a video advertisement positioned around “the most valuable things in life,” which focused on family, children, and feeling secure in your own home. The video’s focus shifted away from personal belongings. Instead, it concentrated on the value of life and the feeling of security. We took this approach to reach and engage women with young children who were interested in home safety beyond burglary while away from home. This campaign spoke to the desire of peace of mind for families that their children and other loved ones were protected even when they were at home.