Client Summary

Carter Logistics, LLC is a full-service supply chain management company with a network that spans North America, including a strong Intra-Mexico operation.

Their Challenge

Carter Logistics was looking for an effective way to educate their audience on their competitive differentiator, the Shared Milkrun Network, to show how it can work to their customer’s financial advantage.

Our Strategy

We developed a marketing strategy involving video production to promote Shared Milkrun Network.

First, we led a discovery discussion with the Carter team to gain detailed insights into their needs and goals. 

Based on the insights we uncovered, our content, design, and brand strategy teams collaborated to build the video storyboard and script. Our video strategy included effective ways to visualize the Shared Milkrun Network’s features, competitive differentiators, benefits, and a call-to-action. 

Strategy development was followed by video production. Our visual communications team created an animated explainer video showcasing the Shared Milkrun Network to show how this process sets them apart from their competitors. 

The Result

The video successfully demonstrated the Shared Milkrun’s features, including its travel range, process, environmental impact, cost-saving, and more. Carter Logistics was able to use the video as an educational and promotional piece within their sales and marketing strategies, distributed through search engines, social media, emails, and their website. Carter Logistics is now better known for their Shared Milkrun Network, giving their customers the strategic advantage in cost-savings and efficiency.