Navigating Digital Marketing Trends

How to Keep Your Brand in Front of Your Audience
Marketing has always been a changeable beast, and the rise of digital marketing has made it more fluid than ever. More and more companies are decreasing their traditional marketing spending to increase their digital marketing spending. It’s more important than ever to have the flexibility to adapt to digital marketing trends.

Having trouble navigating? Here’s a quick roadmap to help you strengthen your brand with the latest trends.

Check Your Site: Is It Modern? Is It Mobile-Optimized?
There’s simply no excuse for an outdated site. Clients and customers use your site as their first taste of your business. No matter how good your product is, they will leave if your site isn’t up to snuff.

A big part of that? Mobile optimization. In 2015 Google stopped indexing all sites that weren’t mobile compatible, and more people are looking on sites through their smart phones than their computers. Make sure your site is built for mobile users.

Give Your Brand Personality with Content
Your clients and customers don’t want to just use your brand. They want to be fans of it and connect with you. Which means your brand better be something they can connect to. The best way to do that? Content.

Content means everything that you digitally publish. Facebook, Twitter, blogs, your website, emails, videos, and more. If it’s out there, it’s content. Go over everything that you post to make sure that your content is giving the right personality to your brand.

Embrace Your Analytics & Have a Social Media Strategy
With so many options in digital marketing, it’s easy to take a slapdash approach just to get as much up there as possible. Rein that impulse in. Your approach to social media should be the result of a thought out and very deliberate strategy.

Analytics are the most powerful tools you have to build that strategy. They’ll help you figure out which services to use, how to focus your efforts, and which content or ads get the best response. Every single thing that you post on social media should have a specific demographic or strategic goal in mind.

How can all of this be summed up? More people are using more social media services than ever before to interact with each other and their favorite brands. Make sure that your company is engaged in the right media to reach your ideal customers. If all of this sounds complicated and crazy to you, then don’t worry. Element212 is here to help you make your mark on the digital landscape.