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SEO search engine optimization to drive targeted traffic

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a process of letting Google and others know what your website is about so that they know when you display your site in the search engines.  Achieving a high rank in the search engines for keywords that are related to your products and services can funnel predictable and targeted traffic to your website on a consistent basis.

Google is one of the highest revenue generating companies in America, and they have achieved that status by putting out a product that people love enough to use over and over again–their own search engine. The better Google gets at showing relevant websites that are related to the keywords and phrases that users search for, the more “clicks” they generate. The more traffic Google generates, the more advertising revenue they bring in.

In a nutshell, Google’s business relies on their search engine’s ability to serve relevant results to searchers, and businesses can leverage this opportunity to funnel laser-targeted traffic to their products and services. This opportunity is called “search engine optimization” or SEO, and it is changing the way businesses acquire customers.

Through utilizing SEO as a traffic source, you can anticipate:

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Ready-to-Buy Visitors

SEO pre-qualifies visitors to your website by targeting users by the search terms that they input into Google.

Authority Positioning

Your company achieves “celebrity status” when you show up at the top of page 1 in Google’s search results, which not only drives traffic, but increases trust / rapport as well!

Increased Conversion

Because your marketing message is being placed in front of potential customers that are already seeking out the products or services you provide, the probability of closing the sale increases exponentially, as compared to cold traffic.

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There are many ways to garner traffic to your website, and no matter what your favorite method of attracting potential customers happens to be, most sources will work for nearly any business.

Search engine optimization is great because it drives traffic to your website that is extremely targeted, and is presented to the consumer in a different way than an advertisement because they have sought your business out via their own search process, rather than having their online experience interrupted by your paid advertisement.

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