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Ready for Your FREE Consultation?
Give Us a Call Today!  317.296.7314

Ready for Your FREE Consultation?
Give Us a Call Today!  317.296.7314

Marketing Consultant

Audit and Optimize Your Brand

Marketing consultant services should really be the foundation of every business BEFORE they start spending money on executing any marketing or advertising strategy.

Before you can execute a strategic marketing plan your marketing team needs to spend time building a firm foundation based on strategy before proposing a series of tactics aimed at reaching your customers. Research first, then development of strategy, then determination of budget and tools, then execution. Any other order, will be like throwing mud against the wall to see what’s going to stick.

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Consultation Done Right

Element212 specializes in uncovering the S.W.O.T for our clients. By analyzing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of your business, our marketing consultant provides your team the right strategy to find, reach, and retain your ideal customers with a strategic plan and no guess work.

An Outside Perspective

We have all heard the phrase “it is hard to see the forest from the trees” and creating marketing strategies is no different. Getting an outside perspective on the consistency and effectiveness of your marketing message, design, and strategy can add a ton of value to your efforts in reaching your ideal customers.

Put Yourself First

It is easy to put marketing on the back burner while you try to serve your customers. One of the many benefits of hiring Element212 as your marketing consultant is accountability. We work your marketing team to create smart strategies and timelines to keep your marketing moving in the right direction.

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Many small to mid-sized business assume that they don’t have the budget for a marketing manager, director, or even a marketing consultant, but what’s not being considered is the savings on previously budgeted funds for marketing mistakes, such as advertising that doesn’t pay off. This concern often times holds business back from doing any marketing at all.

Some small business owners may attempt to do their own advertising and marketing, which is often insufficient and misdirected, with marketing that doesn’t pay for the initial investment.

Element212 offers a marketing consultant service via hourly sessions, in order to work with your budget. A few hours of marketing and advertising advice from our marketing consultant team will provide the tools and direction your company needs to get started in the right direction.

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