Inbound Marketing

Sales Funnel Automation

Inbound Marketing

Sales Funnel Automation

inbound marketing boosts your sales

Inbound marketing is the major selling point of “taking your business online” because it refers to leveraging the power of the internet in an effort to help your business run more efficiently. One way that business owners gain this leverage is by encapsulating part, or all, of their sales process online.

Because the internet is open 24/7, potential buyers of your products and services can find your website, educate themselves on your offers and making a purchasing decision without ever having to speak with a representative from your company.

One way to maximize this type of leverage is to implement automated sales funnels, which enable you to:

inbound marketing sales funnel automation

Marketing Based on Behavior

We build sales funnels that respond to user behavior, which means that your sales message will “respond” to users based on how they interact with your website and other online content.

Up-sell, Cross-sell

It is exponentially easier to re-sell products and services of value to people who have already bought from you. Sales funnels put this process on auto-pilot.

A Bigger Piece of the Pie

When driving cold traffic to an offer it is estimated that less than 2% of visitors will buy. Sales funnels follow up with the remaining 98% to squeeze every ounce of value from the traffic you’re already getting.

inbound marketing building websites with web designers

Sales funnels are the perfect tool for optimizing processes that have already passed the “proof of concept” stage. Whether your goal is to increase revenue through cross-promotion or simply getting a larger percentage of your current traffic to pull out their credit card and buy, sales funnels are the best way to encapsulate your sales process and truly leverage your time.

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